2018 at The Hills

We have had an amazing 2017! Building from 0 families to an amazing community! We have been recognised as an Exceeding centre by the national regulatory body and we have built an amazing space with awesome outcomes for the children in our care.

2018 brings even more amazing opportunities for growth.

Last week we officially received our Food Licence and we have the wonderful Elise who has joined our team as Head Cook. As of 8th January 2018 we will be preparing our own food on site and providing amazing, fresh and nutritious meals that allows the child to choose the parts they wish to add to their meal.

We are an egg free and nut free kitchen and will be gluten free as often as possible. Meals have been designed to be deconstructed which allows the children to add sauce or no sauce, to see the vegetables in their meal and decide on the base they would like for it. This is about independence, discovery and opportunity to explore food in more detail.

Our children will also be involved in sustainability practices and learning about food wastage, recycling, growing food and so on. We will be fermenting and pickling extra food from harvests, we will make jams and chutneys and explore the different ways foods can be cooked and eaten.

We have also renovated over the Christmas Holidays and New Year and our reception is different with Sign In now able to happen at the window area. This has allowed us to utilise otherwise ‘dead space’ with a new administration area. The staff room has moved to the old office (allowing more space for our growing team) and the old staff room has become the meeting and programming/planning room for our staff to prepare thir lessons and curriculum plans for their class.

We have painted internally, adding some colour to the space whilst freshening up each room. We have also had a change in room layouts now that our centre is almost at capacity.

Blue Room will be 15 months to 3 years.

Red Room is 2.5years to 4 years.

Yellow Room is 3 years to 6 years.

We have some more amazing staff joining our team and we have also had some internal changes for 2018.

We look forward to another amazing year and watching our children and community grow!

Happy New Year!

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