Our Philosophy


The Hills Montessori Children’s House is a place where children are at the centre of everything we do.

We believe in providing an environment where every child has the opportunity to become who they are, to focus on their interests and discover the world at their own pace.

We strive to build a strong community where parents, Educators and Management are all contributing to create an inclusive, productive workplace that has the child’s interests as its priority.

We aim to provide a high quality educational environment, directed and derived from the Montessori philosophy.

We have a focus on being as sustainable as we can, using local suppliers where possible, reusing and recycling materials when available and focusing on children understanding the ‘why’ behind decisions we make in a classroom, so as to avoid ‘tokenism’ in our practices.

We believe the outdoor environment is just as important on what is available in our indoor spaces, and we aim to incorporate as many permaculture principles as we can and to ensure decisions are made in collaboration with the children in our care. After all, it is their space.

We believe in providing opportunities to children for ‘risky play’ that is highly assessed and controlled by our Educators.

We practice this by:

  • Providing monthly professional development opportunities to staff and Educators
  • Providing quarterly parent information sessions
  • Simply not purchasing ‘new’ craft materials
  • Buying locally where possible
  • Working on the outdoor environment gradually with the children
  • Communicating with parents daily on how their children are going
  • Providing an indoor/outdoor learning space simultaneously where viable
  • Observing each child as an individual and planning for their development using the Montessori pedagogy.